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What happens in online counseling?

Online counseling is the same as any other counseling just using a different medium. You write through our website, your mail will be read by one of our professional counselors, who will reply within 72 hours.

Even if you are not too sure what to write, just make a start and your counselor will help you to express your thoughts more fully.

Why do I need a counselor?

Very often friends and family are not easily accessible, especially if you've moved away from the place in which you grew up. Even when they are available, friends or family may not be able to help or they maybe part of the problem themselves. Or you may not want them to know about the problem. A counselor is neutral and objective and is trained to understand and help.

For what issues can I get help?

Some of the issues for which people frequently seek help are:

Personal: Lack of confidence, anger management, bereavement, loneliness and depression, shyness, sexual concerns, overcoming habits (smoking, pornography, alcohol, drugs), traumatic past experiences, personality development

Relationship: Marriage (frequent conflicts, unmet expectations, in-law concerns, infidelity, sexual difficulties), and pre-marital issues, relationships with friends of same and opposite sex, break-up of romantic relationships, family concerns, lack of assertiveness

Work: Relationship with boss and colleagues, lack of motivation and concentration, career growth and performance concerns, work-life balance, stress, harassment, time management, fear of speaking in meetings, handling shift work

Parenting: Deciding to have a baby, child care, discipline, quality time, school (academic performance, bullying, relationship with friends & teachers), handling teenagers.

We do NOT provide legal, financial or medical assistance or career information and guidance.

(This is just intended to give you a general idea of the range of issues it is not a completely exhaustive list)

Is the counseling really confidential?

Confidentiality and trust is the very basis of professional counseling. Rays of Hope assures you that all information given will be kept completely confidential*. No details about any individual are revealed.

*(The only exception to this is in case of suicide or homicide)

How does Online counselor work?

Onlinecounselor.co.nr is completely free website. Just go to the website and post your queries, we assure you that a counselor will respond to you within 72 hours. You may then review our consultation at your own convenience and establish an online dialogue with the counselor until your issues are resolved.